Rabu, 16 Disember 2009

Another rant from a top of my tree.. (ranting's ranting)

Have you ever been to heaven?

Neither i have. But i got some friends whom said they have. I urge them to tell what it was like. They said, there is nothing like heaven that you can compare to on earth.

And then i just like, wow! Is there really a place like that. So far as i always knew, the christian depicted heaven a...s living up above sky with the clouds and everybody got a pair of wings. Muslim say heaven is a place so beautiful that you cant find a word to describe it.

Even you are not allowed to imagine how it was like, as if you had committed a heresy in religion. No matter how it was like, heaven must be really nice place that people always dreaming of. I do believe in heaven and after life.

Do you? It is not about they really exist or not. It is about the faith that keep you going in life despite of all the oppression of people or under the soviet or even U.S. occupation. That is the only thing you have to do, believe.

p/s: still struggling with lots of books, SPM had just ended yet my comparitive study on religion is not. instead me is taking a long way through.

Came across History of God by Karen Armstrong, but didnt have the urge to buy that one. I grabbed Allah in science by Sallina Ismail.

Everybody around me start giving attention on what i am doing. Though not every single feedback is a pleasant one. A friend told me not to read about God written by the christian, I said what is wrong with that. and then bla bla bla. sigh..


~ciknura~ berkata...

thinking the same way as you did..go on!just read..we hardly debate on religious matter if we didnt ever know how they think, huh!

note:i met ameera that day in Pahang. Well, great to know both of you! Gahah*wink!

AbEsA berkata...

Atheist and agnostic gave a statement on traditional god (read my previous article on 'tuhan') thus god cannot be proven. Sc doesnt prove god. Well basically,u hv to undrstood what god itself is. Going to write smething on that. Haiya..

hakha berkata...

salam.. dh try ker pg frc. i found it really valuable.. tp, ku pergi yg version free. so, sket jerk. kat luor rm100, dier buat 3 hari.

kalau ader pg, jgn lokek berkongsi. hehe

Abesa berkata...

Frc? Ape tu...i stdied mostly on my own..i do hv brother Lim by my side to guide me though..huhuhu...minat ke cmpartive stdies?