Jumaat, 19 Februari 2010

another talk on Chrsitianity

Jesus said He came to restore the Law (Torah) and you should live by them but then, His self-appointed disciple Paul wrote,

"clearly no one is justified before God by the Law because the righteous will live by faith" Galatians 2:16,

i.e you dont have to obey the Law just have faith in Jesus(?) so Jesus lied?

Dzul: bro,i think its bettr if u keep it personal dude.
this is a very sensitive issue just so u know.heh

Me: It is? I dont think so, but if some of our christian brother think i'm wrong and they might have some explaination on this subject why dont they give it a shot. In that way we can have mutual exchange of thoughts..rite?

Dzul: yeah,but let us not make it in public okay?some might just be offended by this statements.everyone have their beliefs.in their own way.we'll just let them be.as we respect them.=)

Me: Appreciate that, and thanks for your concern too. =) i feel like kissing u now... Hahahak

Dzul: hahaha.ngok.we brothers',look for each others back.=D

Me: Yeah, but me still thinks that this one should not be keep personal...

Dzul: trust me.it should.

Me: Should not. I'm not making a provocative statement or slanderous piece of thought.

Dzul: but your questioning thier leader,jesus.the same as they question our prophets.its true that knowing facts from their side would just pleased us both parties,but again.we have no rights to question on what they believe.

Me: If they're questioning our prophet, we shouldn't feel offended. Why would we have to? We got the answers. As for my statement, if you set apart your prejudice or any negative thought. A good, decent christian will know right away that Jesus Christ didnt lied, Paul did. So technically i'm not desecrating their Master. =)

Dzul: so if u already know the answer,u shouldnt be questioning.plus,they way u asked,as if it is debatable.surely ppl would be offended.the same as ppl question our mighty lord,we have the answers,but still they questiond about it right?once u questioned something,surely ur doubtful of it.where's the respect in that?=)

Me: It is debatable, that was my intention. I do know the answer, but of course some would accused my answer of religious bias. So i just want to know how our christian BROTHERs tackle the question. If they're or even we are doubtful of what we believe,

its the time to consider your faith. We have many similarities with the christian, even Quran states that they are close to us. I just wanted to seek common ground between us. Then we we'll be living in harmony rite?

Dzul: i understand.i respect ur intention.but i still dont agree that u do it in public.as u aspect everyone would understand ur intention.not everyone is the same.even bile the word ALLAH digunakan by other relegions,us muslims made it an issue.the word actually means god in arab.it is open for any religion act.but hey,not everyone undertands their truly intentions right?

Me: Yap, as for the word Allah, i wrote something about it on my blog about a year ago. I'm not opposing the word Allah used by them, but really they have to understand that Allah must be used in the right context. And yes not everybody will get me right, i know that. But what else could be done on them? Would you retreat from a war only for a wounded soldier?

Dzul: in this context,if ur saying the party that would be offended is small,as if a wounded sodier,ur wrong.more like retreat b'coz of a massive number of soldiers.that would be fine.its for the greater good.

Me: We dont know how many of them but i do think it will not be half part of the christendom. Anyway thanks again. (kat dorm kerek ngan aku, cess!)

Dzul: haha,sure.its very subjective.mne ade sombong.di sini ade benda nk argue.lol.=)

(Session ends at 10 February at 19:33)