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What was with The Herald?

What was with the Herald?

I was not actually wanted to go into this subject (as I was reading Adibah Amin on her Glimpses just now, not that Ahmad Deedat or F S A Majeed) but really I just thought that why should’nt I?

In the name of Allah, the most gracious the most merciful.

“O People of the Book! Commit no excesses in your religion: nor say of God aught but the Truth. Christ Jesus the son of Mary was (no more than) an apostle of God, and his word, which he bestowed on Mary, and a Spirit proceeding from Him, so believe in God and His messengers…” Holy Quran 4:171

The Inscrutable Notion of the Muslims

Before I get any further, it is important for you to know that my intention is not writing a provocative controversial article or any religious subversive pieces. I am a muslim as well as you are, a Mohammaden.

It is just that, we have developed a FALSE NOTION and UNDERSTANDING on our Christian brothers. I really meant what I said, still can’t get the picture? You will sooner, believe me.

The King-Pin

The Herald, a weekly magazine of the catholic as far as I concern wanted to use the name ‘Allah’. So what? (not the song…) I answered to myself as I read the newspaper (I think it got it’s name because it brings us newest issues everyday haha).

Why did I said so? Simply I don’t see anything wrong. Am I a pluralist? No, I am NOT!

First of all we really have to get familiar with this name ‘Allah’. Allah is the (Arabic) name for muslim’s God. It is that simple, nobody on earth even he speaks Arabic for his whole life can give any exact connotation to this unique name. The name Allah is never used in any other sense. It just stands alone. Perfect as it is. That is the beauty of this Arabic name for muslim’s God.

Compare with this English word ‘God’.

They have long boasted that English (Go to hell PPSMI) is the leading language. The word ‘God’ is very manipulative, how pathetic despites it richly terms in other field.

You can simply make God a woman, there you have it, goddess, or you can make it plural, god’s by adding ‘S’. The Christian called the God of Hindus, god. How can you tell the difference between God and god? It will make clear if we wrote it on something but that will never be the solution.

So when a Christian mother told her child during their ‘oriental’ tour to a temple, she pointed to a sculpture and said,

“that is their god”,

you got it? What does she means is the small letter ‘g’. Not their own ‘God’ as in the Bible. But how will the child get the point of the small letter ‘g’ god? Never!

Now we speaks of the the god (note the small letter) whom ate, drank, carries away others god’s wife. The old Greece god. Not God, just god. Why? Because It is not the God! It is just god, same as rock or stick or bone worshipped by some mens! Not true God!

See, very hard lah! Addition, you can also have godfather or godmother or even cute little godlings. The creativity of the westerners has caused a riot and havoc in presenting the Glory and Majesty of the Incomparable Creator.

That is where the unique name of ‘Allah’ come to make sense. You can never alter the word ‘Allah’. You will never have ‘Allah’-hess, or ‘Allah’-s or whatsoever because it is not appropriate to do so.

I don’t want to explain much about the Bible. But it is important that we know the Bible today that we have is actually a translation of an ancient Greek scriptures, there we have The Douay of catholic, the protestant King James versions (abundantly in Asia and other developing nations, because of their grave defect) and the most latest The Revised Standard Version, and so on and on. Just take your pick.

All the translated Greek scriptures were then compiled together (there you the New Testament) with the Torah (Old Testament) and now you have what we call it as Bible.

The Christian is actually is not a religion, well Jesus has never said that he came to established a new one. He came just to restore the law of Moses (peace be upon them).

Not many realized that Jesus is actually a Jew. But the Anglo-Saxon community have make Jesus looks like them ( I mean their patung at the gereja lah).


“…I spake openly to the world, I ever taught in the synagogue, and in the temple, where the jews always gather, and in secret I have said nothing” (John 18:20)

Jesus (pbuh) said this upon his trial, he stated clearly that he never brought up a new doctrine!

Jesus is a Jew! Come on malay-muslim. Why is it so hard for you to accept that. Remember what I said, ‘Inscrutable Notion’ just get rid of it,(sudah-sudahlah dengan prejudis tu). Even the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) taught us to be fair to all no matter what tribes or skin colour.

Back to the subject. Because the Christian holds to the Bible, and the bible is translated from Greek scriptures, and the Greek scriptures was actually translated from Hebrew scriptures, the Jewish language. Jesus spoke this language, not English because he is a Jewish!

The discovery of the Dead Sea Scroll in Qumran is a breakthrough as it is claimed to be the oldest version of all the Bible. Written in Hebrew, this masses of ancient scroll scattered on Jabal Qumran can give new clues to the Biblical scholars.

Remember! That Arabic and Hebrew belong to the same family of language, that is they don’t have vowels. So we can easily make the Arabic as a reference for the Hebrew. (Just like the Kelate accent and bahasa Melayu in Selangor, still in the same group of family.)


This is an example of the J sickness of the Christian. This word appeared in Jewish scriptures as Y.H.W.H. (please make reference to original Jewish language writing).

That word always preceded with the substitute word ‘adonai’ or to warn that it is not to be pronounced.

Ahmad deedat said, “The Jewish took meticulous care in repeating this exercise in their ‘Book of God’ six thousand, eight hundred and twenty three times- interpolating the words ‘Adonai’ or ‘Elohim’…”

They believed that this name of God was very divine. But the Christian now, suggest that the YHWH becomes YeHoWaH, then JeHoVaH appears! We’ll be asking then, how could this Hebrew word Latinised?

Well I must tell you this are their expertise. Look,

Yael becomes Jael

Yehuda to Juda

Yeheshua to Joshua

Yusuf to Jospeh

Yunus to Jonah

Yesus to Jesus

Yehowa to Jehova

Thus, Jehovah become their name of God.

The letter of YHWH (it appears in letters, but the westerners added vowels when pronouncing it) we must remember appeared 6823 times in combination with words ‘Elohim’. YHWH/Elohim. It is consistently being translated in the English Bible as ‘Lord God’.

The Arabs and Jews shared the same paternal father, Abraham. They came from the same origin, Arabs is descendants of Ishmael and Jewish from Isaac. So they have a lot in common.

Hebrew = Arabic

Elah = Ilah

Ikhud = Ahud

Yaum = Yaum

Shaloam = Salam

Yahuwa = Ya Huwa

YHWH seems to be no difficult for the Jewish or an Arab (Ya Ha Wau Ha) to read. Literally both Yahuwa and Ya Huwa mean the same.

‘Ya’ is an exclamatory particle for both language, meaning ‘OH!’, and ‘Hu’ means ‘He’. Together they mean ‘Oh He!’. So instead of YHWH Elohim now we have, Oh He! Elohim.

Ahmad Deedat said, ‘IM’ in the word ‘Elohim’ is a plural respect in Hebrew. Same as the Arabic, there are two types of plural.One of numbers and the other is for honour or for Royal proclamation. The European by the way, are not really familiar with the second type of plural, that is why they easily get confused for the verses of Bible that use the second type plural, thus birth of Trinity Doctrine. Try this,

“...We Gave Jesus the son of Mary clear signs and strengthened him with the Holy Spirit…” Holy Quran 2:87

Do you expect that any muslim would interpreted that verses saying that Allah is more than one by using ‘We’? Nonsense!

Since that ‘IM’ is a plural particle, thus ELOHIM= Eloh + Im. Therefore, Ya Huwa Eloh Im, right?

Now let discard the ‘Ya’ and ‘Im’ to get clearer picture. Now we have ‘Huwa Eloh’. El in Hebrew stands for God, same as Eloh or Elah, compare that ‘Huwa Eloh’ with Arabic version,

“say: He is Allah, He is One” Holy Quran 112:1 (qul HUWALLAHu ahad)

That above explanation is not any wishful thinking or word shuffling game. Remember that, those words are taken from the Bible. The YHWH is never changed, thanks for that the truth now shed light. Also that, the Bible is actually written in Hebrew the sister language of the Arabic. So there is no coincidence here or it just happens to be the same! It is the truth!

If it is possible for you to get English Bible of RSV (revised standard versions) edited by Reverend C. I. Scofield, Doctors of Divinity. You will noticed that in the very first part of the book of Genesis of the Old Testament, Rev. Scofield commented on the first verse of the first chapter that,

“Elohim, (sometimes El or Elah meaning God) English form, ‘God’ the first of the three primary names of Deity, is a uni-plural noun formed from El=strength and the strong one, and Alah , to swear, to bind oneself to an oath, so implying faithfulness…)

As Ahmad Deedat said, finally they have to admit that the name of the God is Allah (still they misspelled the word). So this is actually our chance to get into their heart and bring them to the true way of life ie. Islam, the Christian is the nearest to muslim, them are our brothers:

“…and nearest among them in love to the believers wilt thou find those who say; We are Christians; because among these are devoted men to learning and men who have renounced the world and they are not arrogant.” (holy Quran 5:85)

Why are we being so fearful when they wanted to use the name Allah? Some said that people will get confused. Then it have to be the muhasabah. Why people get confused? Simply because they don’t get enough guidance in religion, to strengthened their aqidah!

Rise o people! This is our da’wah!


And peace and Salutations upon His Messenger Muhammad for conveying the Message of God to mankind.

May Allah make us worthy to be his followers, Ameen!


Sheikh Ahmad Deedat: The Choice, What The Bible Says About Muhummed, Answer to Christian Dilemma, Jesus In the Quran, Crucifixion or Crucifiction?, Is The Bible God’s Word?

F S A Majeed and Muhammad Azman Hamzah: Jesus the Messiah

Sheikh Yusuf Estes.


Lukhman al-Yusufi berkata...

Assalamualaikum wrh wbk.

Ramai yang keliru dengan penggunaan nama 'Allah'. Yalah, mana taknya, mereka dari kecil disogokkan dengan info: "Tuhan Islam tu Allah", bukannya: "Ajaran Islam tu percaya dan beriman kepada Allah, dan juga ikut ajaran Nabi Muhammad."

Mereka lupa, orang Musyrikin Makkah percaya Alah lebih kuat daripada orang Melayu, sehingga menamakan anak mereka 'Abdullah' walaupun mereka mensyirikkan Allah.

Satu golongan lain pula, kalau lihat kita tidak kisah agama lain guna nama 'Allah', cepat2 mereka labelkan kita dengan gelaran buruk, sampai ke tahap kafir-mengkafir. Inikah ajaran Ahlus-Sunnah Wal-Jama'ah, mengkafirkan orang yang tidak sealiran dengan mereka? Wallahi, ini bukanlah apa yang dibawa oleh al-Imam al-Maturidi dan al-Imam al-Asy'ari.

Saudara juga meminati bidang perbandingan agama? Kalau boleh, bolehkah kita bertukar e-mel dan alamat blog? Izinkan saya melinkkan alamat blog saudara di blog saya.

Akhir kata, salam ukhuwah daripada saya.

Abdi Syukur berkata...

salam ya akhi,
ada beberapa persoalan yang sering dikeluarkan oleh si Father dan Brother (paderi poyo kristian) berkenaan al-Quran:
1. berkenaan tafsiran yang seolah-olah dibuat manusia sendiri. macam kat dalam buku teks kita, ada maksud al-quran yang dibubuh dalam kurungan biarpun dalam pemahaman literal tiada maksud sedemikian.
2. berkenaan al-quran yang dikatakan belum sempurna tetapi sering di banggakan orang islam.

jawab jangan tak jawab...
dan sasterawan negara ni sombong la (kau la tu)

AbEsA berkata...

Abdi Syukur

Insya Allah akan dijawab dalam masa terdekat.

(mana ada sombong!)

Lukhman al-Yusufi berkata...

Bang Faisal, izinkan saya jawab soalan akh Abdi Syukur.

"1. berkenaan tafsiran yang seolah-olah dibuat manusia sendiri. macam kat dalam buku teks kita, ada maksud al-quran yang dibubuh dalam kurungan biarpun dalam pemahaman literal tiada maksud sedemikian."
Jawapan: Yang di dalam buku teks tu merupakan tafsiran bagi sesetengah perkataan di dalam al-Quran, yang mana tanpa tafsiran tersebut, makna sebenar ayat tersebut menjadi lain.
Pandai-pandai saja cakap tafsiran al-quran dibuat oleh manusia sendiri. Mana bukti yang kukuh? Tafsiran yang ada pada kita sekarang adalah tafsiran yang telah diwahyukan oleh Allah kepada Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. (dalam bentuk hadith) dan ada sesetengahnya merupakan ijtihad para Sahabat dan Tabi'in. Ada pula yang ditafsir berdasarkan penggunaan perkataan di dalam bahasa Arab. Akh kena kaji betul-betul ilmu Tafsir al-Quran ni.

2. berkenaan al-quran yang dikatakan belum sempurna tetapi sering di banggakan orang islam.
Jawapan: Kalau al-Quran kita tak sempurna, Allah takkan wafatkan Nabi Muhammad. Allah sendiri dah firman: "Pada hari ini, Aku telah sempurnakan bagi kamu agama kamu." Kalau al-Quran kita belum sempurna, buat apa Allah turunkan ayat tu? Bagus Allah panjangkan lagi hayat Nabi Muhammad kalau al-Quran tu belum sempurna.

Harap dapat menjawab kedua-dua persoalan akh Abdi Salam.

(senang-senang je cakap orang sombong... macam mana tahu orang tu sombong? hairan hairan...)