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Ini merupakan keratan akhbar the star yang saya temui secara tidak sengaja(saya jarang membaca akhbar).Bacalah sendiri dan tentukan kerelevanannya....

Friday March 28, 2008
Karyawan fears four states may follow Kelantan’s example (takut dengan Pas???)
PETALING JAYA: The Malaysian Artistes' Association (Karyawan) fears for the local arts and entertainment industry following the formation of new governments in five opposition-led states. (jelas industri seni tidak berlandaskan Islam)
“We are very apprehensive that the same restrictions in PAS-led Kelantan might apply to the four other states where the party is part of a loose DAP-PKR-PAS coalition,” president Freddie Fernandez said.
Kelantan has been notorious for initiating controversial rulings since PAS took over 18 years ago.(kenapa dipersoalkan???)
Entertainment spots like bars, dance clubs and karaoke joints and concerts, gambling and alcohol are deemed unhealthy.(apa masalahnya????)
Female retail and restaurant workers have to follow strict(jadi Islam ini membebankan???) dress code – the headscarf is mandatory for Muslims and cleavage and navel-baring clothing is a no-no for non-Muslims.
“We all know Kelantan is very restrictive in terms of entertainment. Concert promoters have not bothered to go there since PAS took over,” he said when contacted yesterday.
“People and the performers used to look at it as 'just one state.' But now, we have two or maybe three states with PAS at the forefront. This worries us.”
Kelantan, he said, posed limitations for artistes intending to meet fans and to promote their albums.
“There may be serious repercussions for the country's arts and entertainment industry if similar restrictions are imposed in the other states, too,” he added.
Fernandez said the association hoped to meet the state leaders for a dialogue to ensure the right steps are taken to allow entertainment to go on.
“We want to convince them that there are concerts and performances that can be well managed and run, even without strict restrictions being imposed,” he said, adding that Kelantan's gender segregation concerts were impractical.
Two years ago, Kelantan lifted a 16-year ban on pop concerts and invited celebrities like Mawi, M. Nasir and Aishah to perform.
Aishah and four other female performers regaled 3,000 fans at a women-only concert while Mawi and his gang sent 15,000 concert-goers into a frenzy. Never mind that male and female audiences had to be segregated. Families, however, were allowed to sit together.
“We will have to have three categories – women, men and families. This will limit communication between the artistes and fans. It will not be enjoyable,” Fernandez noted.
“There should be more flexibility. It is not a necessity to segregate.”