Ahad, 26 Julai 2009

Those whom live by the wind

When i sat on the hill,
north wind on that evening blew hard,
along with her was the news of rainy season,
from the azure skies,
so i told the farmers of that rainy season,
they jumped in joy, but then how would i tell the fishermens,
of this wet news from the skies,
oh how wonderful the life would be, for those who lived with the wind,
along with the story that she blew away,
of sorrow and happiness,
of those whom live by the wind...

Merajuk dengan kakak yang tak balas sms, ditulis dalam telefon bimbit rakan, juga dipos di blog pada hari yang sama..(on9 pakai phone shahrul ismail huhu)


sayapjannaim berkata...

'merajuk dengan kakak yang tak balas sms'

eleeeh, merajuk konon..
hehe jgn merajuklah..
ni kan dah balas ;p